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The use of 3D design elements is highly common today in e-media design, computer games, TV promos and web sites. Nevertheless, Currently the fonts used 3D environments are outdated and do not utilize the 3D medium to its fullest potential. Whereas many design elements receive a life of their own in the 3D world, 3D fonts do not receive similar recognition. There was an obvious need for developments which combine 3D elements into the visual design of the product.

Instead of taking an existing font and giving it 3 dimensional characteristics, my design solution was to base the font on a 3 dimensional shape. It was important that the font live in a 3D environment and have a motion that contributed to the viewers understanding of what made each letter form come together. I chose a cylinder as the base structure and carved out each letter form from this shape. Remarkable in the creation process was the fact that there was no need to make the letter forms look 3D as long as they were carved out of a 3D form. When not seen in motion the font appears to be paper thin, or cut from paper, hence the name 'Paper Cut'. The outcome is letter forms, all of which are recognizable when viewed from a particular angle, but when viewed from different angles become abstract formations; fascinating to watch as they return once again to be recognizable.

Paper Cut was designed as an example of what can be done with 3d fonts. Working on this project unveiled the endless possibilities there are in the creation of 3D fonts.
Based on this exploration a new world of 3D letter forms can be created in any language, form, shape and material; suitable for any subject matter and design environment

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