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While much effort is made in designing exciting and futuristic design elements, where fonts are concerened there is a 'take what you can get' attitude. Existing fonts are all there is to choose from. This is because there are currently no 3D fonts available to designers. There is an obvious need for developments which combine 3D elements into the visual design of the font.

Just as there are an endless amount of 2 dimensinal, ready made fonts, I am proposing that there be 3D fonts that are just as readily available. These fonts should be for use with existing animation and compositing softwares such as after After Effects, Inferno, Flame, and 3D softwares such as Maya, Softimage, and 3D Studion Max. The fonts could be acessed by way of a plug in or as a seprate software that would work with these existing softwares.

I am looking for a partnership in the development of a 3D font building platform for end users. I would like to enable the end user, in this case post production companies, people in the post production/motion graphics industry, as well as animators and designers, to be able to choose from pre designed animated fonts and to work with, manipultae, and animate them as they choose. This could be acheived by either working with an existing company in a special department dedicated to the development of 3D fonts or by working together with private investors. As well as the technilogical aspect of this project, I am also looking for the ability to continue developing the 3D fonts themselves, a virtualy unexplored area.